Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Mud Island a real place?

Yes! Mud Island (which is a peninsula actually) is located alongside the Mississippi River in Memphis, Tn. 

The south end of Mud Island boasts a River Park, amphitheater, and museum—which I wiped out to create the nightclub, Chess—while the north side is where Harbor Town and its surrounding neighborhoods thrive. The Wolf River Harbor supports a marina, the narrow channel separating the island from the city.

I took liberties while creating a sovereign home for the Fae Touched, renaming Mud Island’s Harbor Town, Queenstown, and adding buildings like the Harbor Complex, among others. I used non-fictitious names, places and mentions when possible, such as the monorail system, Greenbelt Park, and Island Drive. All real.

There are quaint homes, apartments, boutiques, restaurants, bars, and so much more on Mud Island; we held my youngest daughter’s engagement party at Harbor Town’s beautiful outdoor venue at River Inn. 

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