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About the Series
blood island

When the Fae abandoned humanity, they left behind more than myths

I took the premise all magic originated in Faery and ran with it, making up a world where nonhuman species were created, or touched, by Fae magic. A place where the supernatural lived openly alongside untouched humanity and had for centuries.

Along with taking blatant liberties with European folklore, I spent countless hours smooshing Irish, Gaelic and a wee bit of the Welsh language to connect a fantastical society to the old fables. Every new term concocted had to mean something…at least to me. So, vampires became the Dádhe, wolf shifters the Ferwyn, witches the Anwyll and the rare halfblood race the Na’fhuil. I manufactured a magical community whose laws, justice and hierarchies functioned autonomously within the boundaries of a host country; in short, I created the world of the Fae Touched.

As my debut novel, Fae Touched is the first book in a series of paranormal romances set primarily in a now sovereign Mud Island, or Blood Island as the Memphis locals refer to the seat of the East South Central Region’s vampire queen. Each book can be read as a standalone, featuring a different couple navigating the ever-changing relationships between mortals and immortals while finding love. The Fae Touched world will have an overarching storyline, reoccurring characters, unapologetic alpha males, brave heroines, a bit of cursing, a little violence, and some steamy scenes—tastefully done, of course.

The Characters