Carter Jenkins

Species: Fae Touched

Race: Anwyll; Battle witch

Role: ESC Region's head of public race relations

Age: Appears mid-thirties

Height: 5’8

Hair Color: Brown

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Related Glossary Terms

Anwyll (an-wheel)

The Anwyll

The beloved. Witches. Initially human students of the Sídhe who were genetically altered by the use of ancient Fae spells and magical symbols tattooed into their skin. Witches move among Untouched society more freely than the other Fae Touched races and are well-known for their healing magic along with the ability to cast wards and speak minor prophecy. Powerful offensive and defensive spells are kept under wraps to maintain a non-threatening image to humanity. Healer Regan Chandler and Liaison Carter Jenkins are witches.