Fae Touched

When the Fae abandoned humanity, they left behind more than myths

1. Never remain in one city too long
2. Don’t go out after sundown
3. Under no circumstances reveal your magic

These are the rules Abigail MacCarthy has followed since escaping the secret agency that controlled her life for years. But eluding recapture is not the only threat Abby’s facing. A rare halfblood in a world with wolf shifters, witches, and vampires who would demand allegiance if her bloodlines were discovered, staying off the magical community’s radar is key. But one broken rule—okay, three—meant her days of hiding are over…

1. Guard the region
2. Protect the queen
3. Nurture the Clan

These are the creeds Alpha shifter Samuel Walker lives by. Yet after his queen is saved from an assassination attempt by a form of magic that shouldn’t exist, Samuel is torn between responsibility to the Fae Touched and protecting the beautiful halfblood he’s tempted to claim as his own.

What will happen when doing his duty puts Abby in danger? Samuel is about to find out…