Fae Devoted

Will dealing with the ghosts of the past threaten their future?

Wolf shifter Jacob Tucker would love to claim the beautiful she-wolf as his destined mate, but the timing couldn’t be worse as news of his estranged twin reaches him. The same twin who might be under the enemy Fae Lord’s control.

Tucker knows he must find his brother before it’s too late but hunting him down will be dangerous. If he fails, he’ll lose more than his life. He’ll lose his future with Johnnie.

Johnnie Long has always been drawn to Tucker, her instincts telling her the sexy alpha male is her fated mate. Yet her heart was wrong before. Just when she determines to prove to herself—and Tucker—they belong together, he tells her he’s leaving and might never return.

Is she going to allow her stubborn shifter to go on some perilous journey alone? Hell no. Johnnie won’t give up on her happily ever after that easily. She has a plan.

The stakes are high. Time is not on their side. Will saving his brother bring Tucker and Johnnie together or break them apart forever?

They’re about to find out.

*Fae Devoted, book 3 in the Fae Touched series, is a lightly angsty, highly emotional paranormal romance/urban fantasy novel featuring a protective alpha hero, a brave heroine, a bit of cursing, a little violence, and some steamy scenes—tastefully done, of course.

Fae Divided

For love or duty…

Wolf shifter James Reed’s orders from the vampire prince are fairly simple. He’s to infiltrate a group of magical outcasts and stop them from igniting war between humans and the Fae Touched. What he has to do in order to complete his task and protect his family …well, that’s anything but simple…

Sarah Reed doesn’t believe for a second that her mate turned on their pack and deserted her…no matter how guilty he looks. There must be an explanation for his behavior, and she’s not going to rest until she finds it—and him. Even if it kills her.

With time running out and deadly enemies circling, only one thing is certain. If James and Sarah want their fairy tale, happily ever after, they’ll have to fight for it. And if they’re not careful they could lose the most important thing of all…each other.

Fae Touched

When the Fae abandoned humanity, they left behind more than myths

1. Never remain in one city too long
2. Don’t go out after sundown
3. Under no circumstances reveal your magic

These are the rules Abigail MacCarthy has followed since escaping the secret agency that controlled her life for years. But eluding recapture is not the only threat Abby’s facing. A rare halfblood in a world with wolf shifters, witches, and vampires who would demand allegiance if her bloodlines were discovered, staying off the magical community’s radar is key. But one broken rule—okay, three—meant her days of hiding are over…

1. Guard the region
2. Protect the queen
3. Nurture the Clan

These are the creeds Alpha shifter Samuel Walker lives by. Yet after his queen is saved from an assassination attempt by a form of magic that shouldn’t exist, Samuel is torn between responsibility to the Fae Touched and protecting the beautiful halfblood he’s tempted to claim as his own.

What will happen when doing his duty puts Abby in danger? Samuel is about to find out…